Alatas Island, renowned for its natural beauty is located in the prefecture of Magnisia in the Bay of Pagasitikos, and is embraced by the Pilion peninsular. The island lies to the west of the village of Milina, approximately 0,5km from the mainland.
These are several small areas of beach, mainly in the proximity of the low-lying neck of land connecting the two major sectors of the island.
There is one major building on the island, the Monastery, with a number of other former structures, now in a state of dereliction, which are evidence of habitation by monks on the island.

Melani is a long Aegean beach in south Pelion. It lies next to Potistika but a cluster of sea cliffs divides the two beaches. The name comes from it’s dark blue color water. It is a non organized beach and it is covered with fine sand.


Milina is a small village that is situated in the southwest of the Pelion peninsula.North of Milina is the fishing village of Chorto, which can be reached via a coastal road. In front of the village lie the islands Prasouda with the Zoodochos Pigi Monastery, and Alatas. In the village of Milina there is a beautiful sandy beach and in the area you can find several nice and quiet sandy beaches.

Paltsi is a beach on the southeast coast of Pelion, also called Agion Konstantinos by the locals. It is covered by gold sand and is surrounded by high cliffs and rich vegetation.


Potistika is a long beach on the southeast coast of Pelion. It is sandy mixed with pebbles. The surrounding is green and the most interesting part of it are the large rocks coming out of the sea.

Paou is a small coastal hamlet, located 5 km from Argalasti and 45 km from the city of Volos.
A short distance before you reach the lovely beach, you will come across the charming Byzantine monastery of Agios Nikolaos that was built in 1778. The monastery is situated within olive groves and spring fountains.