“Welcome to Pelion Peninsula


The Pelion peninsula in Central Greece is one of the most naturally beautiful regions in all of Greece. It is the perfect combination of sea and mountains, where the purest elements of nature blend together perfectly, creating a landscape unlike any other. The setting is one that is perfect for holidays throughout the year.

Formed by a dramatic mountain range, collectively known as Mt Pelion, the Pelion Peninsula curves south and east from Volos, cradling the Pagasitikos Gulf within its protective arm. Its higher slopes are a green wonderland, where trees heavy with fruit vie with wild olive groves and forests of horse chestnut, oak, walnut, fir and beech to reach the light of day.

On both flanks, the mountain is peppered with delightful villages, linked by age-old trails, and holding whitewashed, half-timbered mansions that serve as guesthouses or tavernas. Down at sea level, several former fishing ports have become beach destinations. Those on the gulf-facing west coast grow more peaceful and attractive the further south you go. The east-coast shoreline, where high cliffs plunge into the Aegean, is often inaccessible, but some wonderful little resorts squeeze in nonetheless.