In the beautiful region of Pelion my father found his refuge and immediately felt that he wanted to share it with others. His aim was to convert this place into a destination for all those who desire to visit a place that is so original and truly unique!
In 1980, after repeatedly visiting the region he searched for the perfect place, the perfect view, that would be his starting point to realize what he had dreamt to the last detail.
The place where he chose to build our house had a breathtaking view of the Pagasitic Gulf surrounded by the Pelion Peninsula. At that time it was a remote area with even fewer houses and no proper road connection. One day the decision was taken and the whole family moved here from Athens to a totally different lifestyle away from it all, a decision that changed our lives. My father felt the beauty of this place needed to be shared and indeed it was always shared by our extended family and friends. For this reason he took the decision to build a guesthouse, so people can come and enjoy the same views and landscape that we were so fortunate to have encountered.
It took nearly 15 years to gradually expand the existing house with a lot of personal work and lots of love in a very productive and inspiring period of our lives. This was achieved together with my mother who always stood by him and made it also her dream.  With so much love given to this place by my parents it felt like no other way than continuing this path. Growing up here and loving this place gave me also the need to want to share it with others and give them a glimpse of our philosophy. Time stands still watching the scenery and accepting the tranquility, letting you understand and appreciate the simple things in life. Life gave the final push, so here I am welcoming you to Pounda Paou.



Maria Triantafyllou
Owner Pounda Paou